Kerosene Home Heating Oil

Kerosene Home Heating Oil

Kerosene Home Heating Oil, is the most used fuel in Northern Ireland. It is a lighter cleaner-burning oil than 35sec diesel.

Kerosene home heating oil is also known as paraffin, heating oil, 28 second, kero, lamp oil, burning oil, and boiler fuel.

Why use Kerosene?

  • It’s safe
  • Prices are market-driven. They go up and down, not just up.
  • It Is Better For the Environment
  • Home Heating Oil, Kerosene, burns healthier than natural gas releasing fewer hydrocarbons into the atmosphere
  • It will not explode
  • Home Heating Oil will only burn if heated to 140 degrees
  • Natural gas boilers can malfunction and release carbon monoxide gas before any fumes are released into the atmosphere, leaving your family vulnerable.
  • 28sec Burning Oil Is Efficient
  • Paraffin burns 400 degrees hotter than natural gas.
  • Oil has a faster recovery than any other type of heat.
  • Our engineers can upgrade oil boilers quickly and economically

What is Kerosene?

Kerosene is a combustible oil with low viscosity used by businesses and homes as fuel to generate heat, light and power. Kerosene has many names, although these all refer to the same energy; these names include kerosine, paraffin, heating oil, 28 second, kero, lamp oil, burning oil and boiler fuel.

28-second refers to Kerosene’s viscosity through a specific test of how long it takes 50ml of the oil to drip into a beaker. It also explains how red diesel gets its ’35-second’ name.

Kerosene trades in the $US and fluctuates constantly. You can see the current price at

The exchange rate for $US dollar to £ Sterling converts the $ price to £’s for UK customers. See for the current rate.

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