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Gilmore Fuel Oils supplies locations across the North West of Northern Ireland, including Coleraine, Portrush, Portstewart and Ballymoney.

We offer high-quality Kerosene home heating oil with quick and reliable delivery. In addition, our sister company Gilmore Plumbing Ltd. provides a complete backup service. They are an experienced and knowledgeable local team of qualified technicians!
All our staff are friendly and knowledgeable, so feel free to get in touch to discuss the best options for you.

Why choose Gilmore Fuel Oils for Kerosene Home Heating Oil?
●Easy to order – You can place your home heating oil order 24 hours a day, from anywhere with internet access, the whole process should take only a few minutes, and then we’ll be on our way.
●Fast delivery – we can even offer same-day delivery if needed!
●Affordable prices – Our Home Heating Oil Prices are transparent and most competitive in the Northern Ireland market.
●Excellent customer service – you can always speak to a person, no automated services here, call us on 02870 354006.

If you need to know more, we can answer any questions and advise you on the best fuel for your requirements by calling us 028 703 54006.

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We Deliver On Time!

Same Day Delivery If Needed!

More customers than ever trust us to deliver on quality, price and time. As your locally owned and managed oil supplier, we offer you the best personal service from beginning to end. From the office staff who take your call to the driver who delivers your oil to the service engineers who keep your boiler running, your experience with us will be trouble-free. The cheapest oil price, premium quality and fast delivery you can depend on Gilmore Fuel Oils.

Best Prices On Home Heating Oil!

Cheaper Price Reliable Delivery!

If you are looking for top-quality home heating oil delivered to your home at the best prices you can find, Gilmore Fuel Oils fulfils on all counts. Become a Gilmore Oil customer today and discover the difference: best heating oil prices, reliable home delivery, and second to none service. In addition, you can place your home heating oil order 24 hours a day, from anywhere with internet access. The whole process should be complete in only a few minutes.

Why choose oil to heat your home?

Safe, efficient and better for the environment.

  • Oil prices are market-driven. They go up and down, not just up.
  • Oil Is Better For the Environment
  • Oil burns healthier than natural gas releasing fewer hydrocarbons into the atmosphere
  • Oil is Safe
  • Oil will not explode.
  • Oil will only burn if heated to 140 degrees.
  • Natural gas boilers can malfunction and release carbon monoxide gas before any smoke is released, leaving your family vulnerable.
  • Oil boilers will smoke before any harmful toxins are released into the air.
  • Oil Is Efficient
  • The department of ecological studies shows that oil heats 16% more efficient than natural gas.
  • Oil burns 400 degrees hotter than natural gas.
  • Oil has a faster recovery than any other type of heat.
  • Our engineers can upgrade oil boilers easily and economically
    An excellent site giving the ‘Top Ten Things to Know about oil boilers’ is 

Remember:- Premium Oil, Fast Delivery, Great Prices: You can depend on Gilmore Fuel Oils.

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 Gilmore Fuel Oils supply Home Heating Oil at a great price on the day. We supply on time, on price and quality! Keeping Coleraine Warm For 25 Years!

What is Kerosene Home Heating Oil? Kerosene fuel explained

What is Kerosene fuel?

Kerosene is a popular fuel with a range of uses and a long history around the world.

Many people might know it better as Home Heating Oil Paraffin, or sometimes ’28 second oil’, and it is something we’ve used for centuries to heat, power and light our homes. Its name derives from the word ‘Keros’, which means ‘wax’ in Greek as when first produced, a wax-like substance occurred from the distillation process.

What is Kerosene fuel used for now?

Nowadays, Kerosene oil is versatile and has applications both as a home heating oil and commercially as fuel. Its uses range from the humble gas lamp up to aeroplane engines and even rockets. The distillation of Kerosene has been happening since as early as the 9th century, and we still use it today. It’s still the most used fuel in Northern Ireland and a popular choice for heating homes.

Home Heating Oil is a low-cost oil, typically cheaper than gas, and Gilmore Fuel Oils can provide the most affordable oil in Coleraine today.

Kerosene oil lamp

Are Kerosene and Jet fuel the same?

Jet fuel is essentially a highly refined Kerosene, having a heavier distillate used for domestic home heating oil and commercial uses. In its lighter form, Kerosene is suitable for things like lanterns, BBQ lighter fuel or even as a cleaning liquid for bike chains.

Can Kerosene be used in petrol engines?

Kerosene is a Paraffin which means that it’s less volatile than petrol and can’t usually ignite at air temperature. Therefore, the petrol-paraffin engine starts by using petrol and when the engine has gained the correct operating temperature, the engine switches to Paraffin.

How is Kerosene Made?

Kerosene fuel comes from fossil fuels like many other regularly used petroleum fuels, such as Diesel and Petrol. Fractional distillation uses heat to separate crude oil into functional oil and gas components, including, of course, Home Heating Oil.

When refined, it can be stored readily in tanks to be delivered where it is needed.

kerosene distillation storage

Advantages of using Kerosene Oil

The benefits of Kerosene are widespread. The ease with which it can combust – or burn – makes it an obvious choice as a source of energy, whether that’s generating heat in a domestic heater or as a critical component in jet fuel


  • Kerosene oil can be considered a safe fuel for home use. There is a far lower risk of carbon monoxide being produced as a side product when burning compared to other fuels, and burning Kerosene is less likely to cause a buildup of carbon and soot.
  • It is cheaper than gas – the price of Home Heating Oil oil is lower as it’s economical to produce. Not only is it more affordable, but it releases more heat per unit volume of Kerosene than other fuels such as gasoline.
  • Kerosene oil is environmentally friendly. It produces fewer fumes in its paraffin form compared to coal and wood.
  • You might also wonder how long does Home Heating Oil fuel last? Kerosene’s molecular stability equally makes it a lower-risk choice as it can be stored quickly and safely, even at low or freezing temperatures. It has a long shelf life of between 2-5 years when stored correctly.


Our kerosene meets BS 2869 Grade C2 specifications (more simply it can be called C2 kerosene).

As an independent oil distributor, you’re guaranteed the cheapest oil price on the day.

Our sister company Gilmore Plumbing Ltd. provides a complete backup oil plumbing service

We comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) giving you security of mind.

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